Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Walk, The Story & The Lesson

After a light meal and a short prayer, the participants/devotees started the walk shortly after 3am. This year there were almost 300 participants of all ages from as young as 10 years to 80 years old. Joined by Pueh Tian, Wai Mun and Amelia - the 4 chinese souls among the Hindu devotees headed towards Karak Highway.

The 1st days is the hardest and toughest. We have to complete 80km and the fisrt 30km to the tunnel near Genting Sempah is THE killer stretch. It really test one's patience, endurance and perseverance. I have been taking part in this yearly pilgrimage walk for Lord Muruga for the past 4 years. Yeah . . . one might be wondering why am I doing this - and I am not a HIndu.

This journey taught me to be humble, more appreciative and to love. It taught me how to look at life from different perspective, to be more attentive and more passionate about life and all other living things. Of how I should face every adversity with humility.

Walking down that long winding stretch provide me the time that I don't have in the daily busy routine to reflect on my life. Of how I have complain about everything tiny little things when in actual fact I am so bless. That how I have make excuses not to spend time with people who care about me and how I have been so prejudice about others when I am not Perfect!

Sharing the hall with hundreds at night and trying to get some rest after a long day remind me of the thousands (if not millions) living in refugee camps. People who are deprive of their very basic needs; Who have no rights to choose or decide; Whose very life are being dictated by few who claim to be the rightful ruler/governor when all of us are Equal in the eye of God.

When I left primary school, my favourite class teacher, Puan Fatimah wrote a short note in my little book - ' .... the road ahead is long and winding, take this and you will never regret'.

Yes, Cikgu. You are right. I shall continue this journey for as long as I can but a little wiser.
For I shall continue this journey for as long as I am able.

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